Thank you for stopping by our store! We are an independently owned shop located in the heartland, Omaha, Nebraska, right smack in the middle of the US!

We have a “brick and mortar” gift shop that has been in business since 1997. Since then, we have been blessed to do what we love and get the chance to meet wonderful people. We started off as mainly a bookstore but then moved over to having more sidelines like jewelry, clothing, candles, cards and home decor over the years.

I have always been a romantic and loved Victorian and vintage-inspired clothing and home decor. I love the beauty and grace. When I found the clothing line Nataya, I knew I had to own several of these amazing dresses myself and wanted to be able to offer them to other women. That is when I created this website. It veers off a little bit from what our gift shop offers but I just love having these dresses. I then added writing sets, vintage jewelry and perfume to the offerings.

I get calls and emails from amazing women all over the country and internationally. They get the dresses for weddings, brides maids dresses, mother of the bride and groom, tea parties, reenactments, special events or just to wear anytime to feel romantic. We have had several calls from those who work in museums and want to wear them to work (how cool would that be?). The dresses appeal to (and look great on) women of all ages and sizes, romantics come in all forms:)

I hope you love them as much as I do!
You can call us at: (402) 393-1121
Email me at :Info@MagicalOmaha.com

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