Jeannie Tanner Tells It Straight On “Words & Music”

Jeannie Tanner Tells It Straight On “Words & Music”

Jeannie Tanner speaks life to romance on “Words & Music.” The Chicago-based vocalist, trumpeter and composer performs her own songs on this latest release, but gives them a new spin with the help of some talented singers. Once listeners hear the two-disc recording, the universal appeal is clear. The work is unmistakably American. The words and lyrics are a version of jazz plain-speak that finds an audience everywhere. And the theme is easy enough: Love.

The songs date back to 2007 or so, and their creation was inspired by a range of objects and ideas from health club mirrors, the glamour of the 1930s and 1960s, and romance.

“You Can Kiss Me Into Anything”

Drums, piano and bass do a short run and the lyrics announce the song’s title. The story unfolds from there. The phrasing is reminiscent of “Peel Me a Grape,” especially the way the singer, Typhanie Monique’s lower registers get husky — the effect is two-fold. The sound makes the song sound whole, and there is that word “anything” — listeners are left to imagine their own romantic “anything” and the universality of the song is built.


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